Sunday, August 25, 2013

1st Birthday Party Wishes!

The main reason I took a break from blogging was because of the addition of our 3rd baby boy.  Besides the fact this poor little guy saw four different doctors before he was ever born due to our moving adventures, the adjustment to being outnumbered was a big one.

We moved to Virginia from Texas (via a few month in West Virginia at my parent's home) when he was only 2 weeks old.  Plus, our oldest was starting school in a week and fall baseball was beginning.  I am not sure if I actually recall half of what happened last fall due to all these crazy adjustments nevermind the sleepless nights with a newborn! So, now it has been a year and I'm back to blogging because it was something  I promised myself I would do at the one year mark.  Of course, turning one calls for a celebration! Two of my boys share the month of July as a birthday month, along with my husband too.  This year, our July was packed solid with camps, birthday parties and two trips.  Somehow I managed to squeeze in two birthday parties and decided on a whale theme for this little guy.

The cake was made by me, but the best surprise was the inside.  All over pinterest I have seen the rainbow color cake, so I decided to do my version with different shades of blue. It was vanilla cake and I tweeked two boxed cake mixes with a a few add ins and of course, lots of blue gel dye.

I also added in a few chocolate cupcakes to satisfy all the chocolate lovers!

I redecorated our mantle for the party by adding a painted number one, some balloons, a Subway art party printable I designed and birthday banner comprised of pictures from each month of the past year.

a few more photos of the subway art

However, my favorite photo opp was the birthday sign I created with some inspiration I found online.  I love etsy and I love designing printables so when I saw some chalkboard signs online, I knew that is the idea I wanted to create.  My inspiration came from here and this is what I created:

It is 16x20 in size and I had it printed at Costco for $5.99 then used mounting tape and placed it on a foamboard that I picked up at Michaels.  Our little guy had a ton of fun playing around with his sign that day and there are a lot of photos to show for it.

We all definitely had a "whale" of a good time!


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  1. He is so, so adorable! I'm in love with your chalkboard design. I'm definitely going to do this for my boys' birthdays this year. Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. The printable is definitely my favorite!!

  2. Did you buy it from that etsy listing or did you make it? And if you made it, how?!?! :)

    1. Welcome to the blog. I made it myself using a chalkboard background and a lot of patience on photoshop. It took a few hours off and on to size it all and get the correct placement. Definitely my favorite printable!

  3. Adorable, and I do mean Caden, he is such a cutie pie! Your 1st birthday chalkboard design is fantastic! I wish I had done something when my kids were younger!
    I found you through the Whipperberry Friday Flair Link Party where I am also partying, would love it if you'd stop by too.
    Hugs, antonella :-)

    1. Thank you for stopping by Antonella! Stopped by your blog and love all the amazing ideas you have to share.

  4. Pretty impressed with your blog and hope you had an excellent birthday party. It’s my son’s first birthday next month and we are trying to find a lovely venue Houston TX for arranging an awesome party. Planning to have a themed birthday party and hope all will go well.