Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mildew Be Gone!

When we moved into our house a year ago, the thing that bothered me most was the bathrooms. We are talking stark white everywhere! White tile on the floors, white laminate cabinets, builder grade off white (more yellowish looking) counters and white tile in the showers.  Now, our house is 20 years old and keeping white in pristine condition is difficult.  Imagine have 3 boys....well 4 if you include my husband and keeping this white clean! The biggest issue I had was all the showers were filled with mildew and as much as I scrubbed and tried every cleaning material under the sun, nothing worked for these hard set in stains. So this weekend, I was fed up and took the necessary step of 100% pure bleach! Yikes!
This is a picture of the corner of my kid's shower! Granted, I ripped out the old caulking too.
3 words come to mind: dirty, dingy and disgusting!

So I grabbed the bleach, some cottons square, a shallow pie dish and rubber gloves and went to work.
I used the pie dish b/c it was rather shallow and easy to absorb the cotton.

I soaked the cotton in the bleach and placed each square side by side along the seam.  I turned on my exhaust fan, shut the door and let it sit for about 8 hours!

Wow! Look, it's gone! Such a huge difference in such a short amount of time.  I can't wait to finish the tub and do my two other bathrooms this week!  Makes me feel all squeaky clean!

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