Monday, October 21, 2013

Painted Pantry Door

There are many things I would love to change about my kitchen (the white laminate cabinets, the dark granite and the ugly fluroescent lighting); however, the budget just does not allow for any major renovations at this time.  Since we moved in last fall, I've managed to change out all the old brass knobs on the cabinets and add some nice nickel ones but really wanted a splash of color in the room!  Across the blog world, I've seen a number of painted pantry doors that really have helped to brighten up the space. 

So off to Home Depot I went to gather some paint samples to paint our beautiful white door

Let's just say, I had no idea what color I wanted to paint the door. After letting the paint sit there a week, I finally decided on Behr Lap Pool Blue: a great turquoise blue color!

So much better! We also decided to switch out the brass hinges and door knob and found a great satin nickel one at Home Depot!

I just love how much this pop of color adds to our kitchen space!


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