Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Superhero 5th Birthday Party with Free Printables!

Our middle son turned 5 last week and over the weekend we celebrated with a few friends and family.  I had intended to make a number of other items for the celebration but time got the best of me between my husband traveling for business, school and baseball.  Our son said it was a super awesome day and was so thankful for all the fun, food, family & friends.

I made the cupcakes myself.  If I don't have time to whip up a homemade recipe, I will add ingredients to a box mix.  The biggest trick I have learned is that the new box sizes are not the same so I usually buy two mixes and scoop up a 1/3 mix from another box to make the recipes work. No cupcakes would be complete without my favorite buttercream recipe from Magnolia Bakery.

The POW! boxes I bought a Party City and were filled with Pirates Booty and Smart Pop Popcorn (my son's favorite) I made the party POW! Circles and have included a free download HERE. I used a 2.5 inch circle punch to make them and double sided tape to attach to the boxes. 

The Superhero Masks and Capes were a big hit and I made them all out of felt and glue (no sewing required).  I will share more about the capes in a future post. They definitely made the party a success!

After the kids dressed up, we went on a short scavenger hunt through our yard and unfortunately, I don't have the greatest pictures.  The kids first searched for some power pellets (I found superhero PEZ dispensers at Wegmans). Next they looked for their power source (glow sticks from the Dollar Tree) and finally they found kryptonite (silly string from the Dollar Tree). After they found the silly string they chased the villain (aka my husband) through the yard and sprayed him.  I think this was their favorite part of the whole day.

Next came pinata time.  You can see the instructions for making the pinata HERE.  I filled it with superhero gummies, pencils, goldfish and some candy.  It took a while for the kids to finally break it down.

Here are the bags the kids used to store all the scavenger hunt supplies and their pinata goodies inside. I designed the label and have also linked to my free printable HERE

If this expression doesn't say it all! I definitely think he had a terrific 5th birthday!  


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