Sunday, November 3, 2013

No Sew Superhero Cape Tutorial

Remember my son's 5th Superhero Themed Birthday Party? Well, I finally had a chance to write a tutorial for all the capes I made. I was not blessed with the gift of sewing so I decided to do a no sew version which really was an easy task that took about 2 hours to complete.

First I found a cape pattern online at Jollymom.  She also made a no sew version so it was a big help to read her post before attempting for myself.  I found felt on sale at JoAnn Fabrics for about $1.50 a yard and each cape took about a 1/2 yard of fabric. I cute my felt to 20x28 and then folded each piece in half.  Pin on the pattern and then cut around the pattern and straight down the sides.

Open it up and your cape will look like this!

 Next I traced a variety of diferent superheros from the font Hall of Heroes that I downloaded onto photoshop.  You could also use word to make your stencils to trace.

I used felt glue to glue together the different superhero symbols and then later to glue them onto the capes. It may appear that the glue is not sticking but give it a hour and it will be fine. In a pinch, I also used double sided tape for one piece when I ran out of glue!

I bought sticky back velcro at Hobby Lobby to add to the capes.  I did end up gluing the velcro on also as it didn't stick to the felt that great so you could easily use any type of velcro.

The capes were a big hit!  All the kids loved them and they made great party favors for a pretty cheap price!

Unlock the inner super hero in you and create your own capes today!


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  1. What a great idea! My son loves capes. I love that this is no sew as well!

    1. The no sew was the key to this and I love how easy they were to make!

  2. My youngest would have loved these when he was little. He spent his whole life (from about 4 to 8) in costumes and barely wore normal clothes! We just went with it- though I do remember some funny looks when I took batman to the city farm!
    They look really good, the colours are great. Simple but effective.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Our middle son would be content wearing a cape everyday, yet I doubt our school would love that idea!

  3. Very cute capes! Our boys LOVE dressing up!