Monday, November 18, 2013

Kids Christmas Pajamas!

It's a tradition in our household to give our boys Christmas Pajamas on Christmas Eve as they prepare to snuggle in for the night and await for Santa's arrival.  Since our oldest is now 7, it is becoming a little more difficult to find ones that match or at least coordinate for those super cute Christmas morning photos! If you are looking for some great holiday pajamas, here are some wonderful options for you to consider

We are big Hanna Andersson fans! The quality of their clothes is just amazing and they have a wonderful selection for prints and simple stripes.  
Plus, they have a great sale going on right now. 

Gymboree has a great selection of holiday pajamas for both boys/girls.  We will often buy these for our kids since the sizing goes up to size 12 and you can easily find coordinating ones for all age levels.

Gap has a few nice options for kids birth to 5 years.  They also have added a few options for older kids this year as well but nothing that matches perfectly.  

We've never shopped from here before but these pajamas are adorable and they have a lot of cute options for both boys and girls. 

Carter is another one of our favorites for pajamas.  They have a range of pajamas that goes up to size 12 and some great coordinating options. 

There are a variety of options on Etsy and many can easily be personalized. 
These are a super cute option! 

Hopefully this helps you find a great option for your holiday pajamas this year.

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