Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's Up Wednesday: Christmas Ideas for 1-2 Year Old Boys

The past two weeks I have covered some Christmas gift ideas for 7 Year old boys and 5 Year old boys. Now it's time to focus on the youngest member of our crazy boy clan: our almost 15 month old who is one busy, on the go guy! With 3 boys, I have a number of "boy" toys already taking up residence in my house; so coming up with new ideas for Christmas and birthdays can be a challenge. Thankfully, though, the toy industry helps in that process!
Our youngest son loves to go "shopping" in the pantry and play with our Grill and Play Patio that we've had for years. This is definitely high on my list for him! Also, for all parents out there looking for a push type toy to help aid in balance and walking: this is perfect.  Load it down with toys/books and it provides a great sturdy structure for children.  We used these all the time in pediatric clinics I've worked at over the years.

A Shopping Cart definitely needs some new additions....how about these adorable basket sets from Learning Resources.  You can get a breakfast, lunch, and dinner set.  As much as I love Amazon, the best deal is at Costco! I bought all 3 sets already for $19.99!!! That is how much one set costs on my beloved Amazon.

Green Toys makes a fabulous line of vehicles that are durable and don't make loud annoying noises! They provide endless amounts of imaginative play time and who doesn't love a "green" item.  You can often find these at Homegoods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx for a bit cheaper than on Amazon.  I just saw the new Ferryboat today and it might be another addition to our collection one day soon. 

A gift idea wouldn't be complete without a Think Fun Game on it! I'm so excited they created a line of games geared towards the toddler age group as our older children are big Think Fun fans.  Now our littlest guy can have his own fun gametime with his big brothers.

 Puzzles are another big hit in our family and these Melissa & Doug varieties are perfect for tiny hands.  I love the themes they have too: dinosaurs, tools, construction, pets, farm animals, etc... We love to play pretend with these and make our only silly sounds to go along.
We've had these picture cards since our oldest son was one! We have several different varieties of them and they are always on my gift list for 1st birthdays/Christmas items.  They are sturdy, provide bright pictures, a texture based play option and even give ideas on the back for parents.  We love playing find the "object" with these cards and all of our boys have loved having them at church, in the car and on plane rides!
Hope this helps you get a head start on your shopping today!

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