Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tailgate Time: Who doesn't love some good food?

As the summer begins to fade away and fall beckons, so does one of my favorite sporting times of year: Football Season!  I love the tradition Saturdays in the fall brings and the hard hitting action that continues on Sunday.  It's almost tailgate time and this definitely puts me in the mood for my favorite WV gameday tradition: pepperoni rolls. If you haven't had a pepperoni roll, you are missing out on this yummy creation.  There are many varieties made but the basic principle is bread, pepperoni and cheese! So, lucky for me, I had all the ingredients on hand to bake up a batch today.

At times, these delicious treats call for homemade bread dough but tonight I used some frozen rolls I already had in my freezer.  Ingredients you need:
Bread Dough (fresh or frozen)
Pepperoni: whatever kind you wish (I choose turkey)
Cheese: I used mozarella but have also used pepperjack

Directions: Allow bread dough to unthaw (if frozen) and rise up
Then roll out and fill with layers of pepperoni and cheese (the more the merrier)

Bake at 375 until golden brown on top, pat down with butter hot out of the oven and enjoy!

Recipe for Pepperoni Rolls
Bread Dough
1. Thaw out bread dough and allow to rise
2. Roll out the dough and fill with pepperoni and cheese, then roll back up to seam together
3. Allow bread to rise back up
4. Preheat oven to 375 and once dough has risen to your liking, bake for 15-20 minutes or until tops are golden brown.
5. Remove from oven, pat with butter and allow to cool
6. Eat and enjoy!

I went on a little search and rounded up a few other tailgate recipes to kick off your football season in style. I can't wait to try out many of these recipes myself in the coming weeks. Enjoy the weekend kick off!
This looks super yummy and would be great with pita chips or my favorite Nut Thins.

These Pizza Puffs  at Lick the Bowl Good are just what this busy mom needs and would make a great tailgate food.

If you love Mexican, these Mexican Tortilla Wrap Roll-Ups over at Six Sister's Stuff look to fulfill that craving.

Craving something sweet? These Ultimate Football Whoopie Pies from The Beantown Baker look
mouth watering.

I love these printables that go along with these yummy M&M cookies over at Thirty Handmade Days

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