Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yummy Crockpot BBQ Chicken

Our family is always on the go and often dinner is something I throw together quick and rarely planned.  However, I decided that once school started, I was going to try to commit to trying out one or two new recipes each week via Pinterest or through fellow bloggers.  Well, this recipe was perfect and easy for a quick weekday meal. I originally pinned this on pinterest and then rediscovered it after visiting the blog No 2. Pencil. I just love all the yumminess found on Melissa's blog. 

The recipe I went off is found here but I substituted boneless skinless chicken breasts since that is what was resting in my freezer instead of the bone-in chicken breasts.  I used 4 large ones which was about 3 lbs. I followed her method of resting them on the tin foil also and love this idea!  The chicken did not fall apart and into the juices at all and still stayed moist and delicious. 

Anytime I make anything involving BBQ sauce, I always use our absolute hands down favorite from Dinosaur-Bar-B-Que.  My husband is from Syracuse, NY and this is definitely one of our favorite restaurants in the area.  We even used their catering service last year for our son's christening celebration and everything was absolutely delicious.  When we lived in Arizona, Texas and Ohio, I had to have my inlaws bring us bottles when they came to visit.  However, here in Northern Virginia we are lucky enough to have Wegmans, which is hands down the best grocery store ever and being an upstate NY chain, they definitely carry it.

You can serve it up with your favorite side dish or shred it to make BBQ sandwhiches later.  I used the leftovers this way today for lunch.  It was definitely a hit and one recipe I will be trying again soon.



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