Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What's Up Wednesday? 5 Must Haves in my Diaper Bag!

With two boys currently playing fall baseball it seems like our lives are always on the go.  We rush from school to homework time to baseball and of course, little brother tags along for the adventure.  Whether it's attempting to make it through 2 hour practices and games or a quick jaunt through Target (wait, no trip to Target is a quick jaunt....), I've come to discover a few essentials that are "must haves" in my diaper bag or whatever tote I may throw in the car that day.
Why do I love this? It's simple: it perfectly holds my 3 diapers, wipes and an extra set of clothes and folds out into a changing pad that is easily wiped down clean!  As an added bonus, it has a clip that can easily be attached to your stroller!
When we were living in England in 2007, the pouch system was just beginning to be used via Ella's organics.  It still is amazing to me how long it took the US to catch up to this great invention.  Isn't this one of those products where you think "Why didn't I think of that"? These make my life so much easier when fussy little man gets hungry and I don't have time to whip up some table food when pushing a cart through Target.  Plus they make great on the go snacks that are nutrious and healthy!
Carrying a cooler is not always an option as it often becomes another bulky item. We love these straw cups for all three of our boys.  They come in a variety of adorable colors and prints, keep our drinks cold, and minimize spillage!
These adorable bibs can easily be rinsed off, wiped down and even thrown in the wash! They provide great coverage and easily make snacktime that much more enjoyable.
5. Entertainment: O-Ball Football
We have a few o-balls floating around our house and car and they are one of our son's favorite items right now.  He loves to play ball, be chased and kick with these fantastic toys.  What I love is that these are so easy for him to grab onto and throw.  Makes a fun game for mama and her little boy!
So, what essentials do you have in your diaper bag that help you get through your chaotic day?

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