Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's Up Wednesday? Favorite websites & apps that reward you back!

As Halloween slowly creeps upon, we all know what that means....Christmas will be knocking down our doors before October 31st even arrives.  We all know our favorite craft stores are fully decked out in holiday cheer and just this week I noticed Costco putting up some lights and trees...yikes! Every year we all seem to make a New Year's resolution around money (I'll pay off that student loan, I'll save more for the future, and I'll spend less on the kids, etc...) Realistically, many of those resolutions quickly fade away and we go about our daily lives, shopping online or hitting up our favorite stores yet leaving money on the table.  You ask how? There are numerous simple, easy websites and apps out there that make saving and earning extra cash and rewards a simple click or touch away.
If you shop online, you should always hit up the rewards website EVReward before ever making a purchase. Type in the store you are planning to shop at and you will quickly see what rewards programs you can earn points or money from and at what percentage. From Ebates to Marriott Rewards and Upromise, you can see where you can maximize your purchases.

Since we are all frequent grocery shoppers, the Saving Star App or website will reward you by using coupons that can be redeemed as cash into your bank account, paypal or Amazon gift cards. Connect your grocery loyalty shopping cards to the site and choose the coupons you want to use, then instead of money off the products, you will get that amount added to your Saving Star account.  Once you save $5, you can choose your payout option. 
My new favorite app is Shopkick  You earn kicks by scanning through lookbooks and then they are added into your account upon walking into stores such as Target, Best Buy, and Old Navy.  Plus, you can earn additional kicks by scanning merchandise at these stores.  You can then choose gift cards from Target, Starbucks, Best Buy, Sephora and many more stores.  Simple, easy and as much as I shop at Target, I quickly earned gift cards!
With the invention of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and itunes, I quickly realized how many DVDs were taking up extra space in my house.  Amazon's Trade-In Program to the rescue.  Remember those prenatal and post-preganancy workout DVDs you bought, they are golden for the trade-in.  I turned in 6 DVDs and earned $20 in Amazon gift cards.  Now, I am solely going through all our DVD collections to see what others I can say good-bye too and "hello" to some extra cash.
You know all those diapers and wipes you buy? Well, they can reward you back! Pampers Gifts to Grow program allows you to turn in reward codes and save up and choose what rewards you desire.  I've used them for Shutterfly calendars at Christmas and this year I scored my youngest son this Little Tikes shopping cart.
Huggies also has a similar program as well. 
Hope this helps you save a little and earn a little next time you are out shopping!

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