Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's Up Wednesday: Our Favorite Board Games (Ages 3-7)

Before the age of video games, the internet and netflix, we relied on board games for family fun! Even with the birth of modern technology, I feel it is important to unplug and enjoy some family fun this way and its a great way to pass the time during power outages! Our kids truly enjoy board games and I love giving them as gifts for various occassions throughout the year.  These are the top one for now in our household:
We love Think Fun's line of games and Zingo was our first one.  It is an excellent way for kids to learn early word recognition and plus it is a lot of fun to play and yell out ZINGO!

Another fun game by Think Fun that helps kids learn word recognition. Like I said, we love Think Fun games.  This game features cards that have either one or two open letters on it and you try to spell words with the available letters. This helped our oldest son learn many new words and I've even used the cards to work on the idea of changing out one vowel sound to form new words.
A great spin off of the game Guess Who and  a lot of fun for Star Wars fans.  Our boys love playing this game over and over again.  I love the creative ways they have developed to ask questions such as "Does your person have a green lightsaber?"
Operation is a classic game that never gets old and I love all the fun variations Hasbro has created.  Of course, this one did not dissapoint and how much fun is it to take apart R2D2! As a former occupational therapist, I love using Operation to develop Fine motor skills in kids.  It is also fun learning all the different names of the parts.
Surprise, surprise: our boys love Legos! This game is great for boys and I love how Lego games have to be built first!  My boys can explain this game to anyone better than I can, that is how easy it was for them to pick up on how to play.  It's an added bonus that our kids love the line of Lego City! 
Memory is an all time favorite game in our house and when my middle son received this game, we continued to love it even more. Not only do you get the excitement of playing memory but you also get to place the matches in the viewing stands and race to the finish line!
Hope you've enjoyed our favorite games and I look forward to hearing some of your family favorites!

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