Monday, December 23, 2013

Favorite Christmas Books

One of our favorite holiday traditions is reading the pile of Christmas themed books that are scattered throughout our house.  Each year, our boys pick a new favorite it seems and we also grab a new book or two while out and about shopping.  It really is fun to put away the normal bedtime storybooks for a few weeks and imagine a world of candy canes and sugar plum ferries.  Here are the current favorites in our house!
The Story of Christmas
This is an excellent version for young children to understand the true meaning of Christmas.  Our older boys loved how our Elf, Jingle Bam, was reading this story to our Little People friends one morning. 

The Night Before Christmas
As our boys have gotten older, they look forward to this story more and more.  Of course, it is a definite read for Christmas Eve.

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
This was the new book our boys selected this year.  We are big Pete the Cat fans and enjoy all of his books.  Definite must have addition to your holiday library.

The Polar Express
Another favorite for our young boys.  They love this story just as much as the movie!

Snowmen at Christmas
We own quite a few of the Snowmen series books and this is a great picture book and adventure for young readers.  Between this and Frosty the Snowman, I think our boys often wonder if their snowmen come alive at night. 

The Gingerbread Pirates
If you have boys, especially ones that love pirates, then this book is for you.  I bought this book when my oldest son was in kindergarten to read as the guest reader and all the boys were tuned in for the adventure.  Our boys have decided this year they want to make gingerbread pirates of their own.
What are your family's favorite holiday stories?  I can't wait to hear what you share and hope to find some amazing new books for next year!

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