Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Story Behind Our Christmas Tree Ornaments....

When my husband and I were first married, we started the tradition of putting up two trees in our house.  That has now grown to three trees but more on that later. One tree was a theme tree and I remember our first year together, I made all the ornaments via salt dough and cute ribbon and our main tree was just filled with ornaments of variety.  One thing we started doing was collecting ornaments from places we had visited or important events in our lives and that has quickly flourished into my favorite tree!  I love opening the ornaments each year and saying to the kids "Remember when we went there" or "this ornament is from before you were born".  It is one of the highlights of the holiday season and I love that our family room tree truly is a story to tell.  Here are a few of my favorites:

When we lived in England, our first trip out of the country was to Belgium and I fell in love with everything that was made of Belgium lace.  This ornament is a true testament to the lace making industry there.

We lived very close to Canterbury during our stay in England and it was my favorite cathedral of all the ones we visited.  

Our family loves to go to Disney and one of my boy's favorite movies is Peter Pan. These unique "ears" ornaments are numbered and it has become our new tradition when we go to Disney. 

My oldest son loved visiting the Johnson Space Center in Houston and he was truly disappointed when we told him that the space shuttles would no longer be going up in space.  I am thankful that he was alive to watch the last few shuttle launches and now we are close enough to visit the Space Shuttle Discovery anytime we want.

Our first zoo lights experience was during our time in Phoenix and our boys loved going to the Phoenix zoo.  They could never understand why the animals were not out when it was so hot in the summer though.

My husband and I went on a getaway to San Francisco and Napa a few years ago with some good friends.  I absolutely adore this city!

This Angel ornament is one I treasure the most because it was from my paternal grandparent's tree.  We spent our Christmas holidays with them almost every year and it is one of the few ornaments I remember from the tree.  

Hope you've enjoyed a brief tour of a few of my favorite ornaments.


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