Sunday, December 1, 2013

Peppermint M&M Brownies

I have a sweet tooth for anything mint chocolate chip ice cream, peppermint patties, thin mint cookies....the list goes on and on.  So, when I saw the mint M&Ms at Target last week, I knew they would be a big hit in my house.  My oldest son is also a huge fan and asked me if I could whip up some brownies using this latest find.

Don't these look delicious!

I always have a brownie mix on hand (something  my grandmother taught me to have in the pantry at all times) and my favorite brand is definitely Ghiradelli! Thankfully, I usually stock up on the big box at Costco!

Follow the directions as listed on the brownie mix, bake as directed...allow to cool for 5 minutes out of oven

Next, place peppermint M&Ms throughout the warm brownies and gently press into the top of the brownie. We do this all the time with chocolate chips too.

Grab a nice big glass of cold milk and enjoy this awesome combination of chocolate and mint....just the perfect combo for this holiday season.


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