Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Christmas Wish List

Every year my husband and I say we are not going to give gifts....but that never happens as somehow our "boys" manage to drive themselves to some pretty nice stores or shop online, pay for all these gifts and magically wrap them!  Now if my three boys were in their teens I could see some of this coming true; however, my oldest is only seven and I am sure he would just wrap up a pearler bead project if that was the case!

So, what are some of my wishlists items for this holiday season..

I adore this movie and loved seeing it live on stage in London before it closed.  As an added bonus my kids also love singing along to "Just a Spoon Full of Sugar" and another one of my favorites: The Sound of Music! 

The banana bread recipe I use is from this amazing bakery in Boston and I would love to whip up some new treats from this awesome cookbook!

This has been on my wish list since last summer....I love a pop of teal every now and then!

I love Mercury Glass and have the perfect spot waiting in my dining room for these beautiful candlesticks!

And the ultimate wish list item!

My old PC laptop died about 2 years ago so I've been using my Ipad and our every so slow desktop since then....Maybe Santa will be nice to me this year?


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